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The route starts in Colico and follows the Sentiero Valtellina to the bridge over the River Adda. It then continues along mixed-use roads for a few kilometres, through the town of Dubino.
Plans are in the pipeline for a new trail that should cross the Pian di Spagna. There are some stretches with lovely scenery between Verceia and Novate Mezzola, along the banks of Lake Novate. The route is all on the level until you come to Chiavenna. Here it changes and starts to climb up towards the border with Switzerland.
The gradient is feasible however, also with low pedal assist. There are interesting historical and nature places to visit along the way: Chiavenna old town centre, the caves or “crotti”, Piuro with Palazzo Vertemate, archaeological finds and the Acquafraggia Waterfall, and finally the artificial lake at Villa di Chiavenna.


  • Starting point: Mantello 223 m
  • Place of arrival / maximum altitude:
  • Castasegna Dogana 670 m
  • Total altitude difference of the climbs: 500 m
  • Total height difference of the descents: 100 m
  • Total ascent length: 14 km
  • Total descent length: 1.5 km
  • Total floor length: 22 km
  • Total kilometers: 37.5 km
  • Average climb gradient: 4%
  • Maximum climb slope: 12%
  • Journey time: 3-5 hours
  • Difficulty: easy