tour ``costiera dei cech``


A circular route that uses the fire-break path linking La Piazza with Prati Nestrelli. The climb is on tarmac to Cino. From here, you pedal up westwards on the road with its concrete and rough stretches, off limits for cars. The average gradient is not difficult. This takes you to the wide open Alpe Piazza on the ridge between Costiera dei Cech and Valle dei Ratti, on the border between Valtellina and Valchiavenna. The upper part of the meadows offers excellent views over the Upper Lario. Just before the Alpe, you come to a rise on the top of which are the ruins of San Giuliano; from here, you can even see Lake Novate at the mouth of Valchiavenna. The route then continues up on a very rough track to the balcony of Prati dell’O and down to Prati Nestrelli. Then back to Civo on a steep concrete road.

  • Place of departure / return: Mantello 210 m
  • Place of arrival / maximum altitude: Prati dell’o 1170 m
  • Total altitude difference of the climbs: 1000 m
  • Total height difference of the descents: 1000 m
  • Total ascent length: 12 km
  • Total descent length: 10.4
  • Total kilometers: 22.4
  • Average climb gradient: 8%
  • Maximum climb slope: 15%
  • Journey time: 3-4 hours
  • Difficulty: demanding